An Introduction

Welcome to my new blog.

In the past, I have written extensively for both myself and others on various websites and at the blog I co-founded (and am no longer involved with) – Asian Efficiency.

One thing that I really missed as we turned Asian Efficiency into a commercial enterprise, was being able to write about the things that I really wanted to – about cool gear that I had picked up, about neat things that I had seen on my travels, about small life hacks that have made my daily routines infinitely easier, or about business insights that I’d uncovered through trial and error.

Being bound by an editorial calendar, product launches and the need to create blog posts “of 500-2,000 words for SEO purposes” makes it difficult to just write about what you want.

And that’s what I plan to get back to – writing about things that genuinely interest me.

I have no plans to turn this into a commercial enterprise, or to become a “personal brand guru” or anything like that. The “promotion” I have planned for my posts consist of writing here, and auto-publicising to Twitter, my personal Facebook account (which only my friends can see) and perhaps my LinkedIn profile.

The writing is first and foremost for me, and second for anyone who wishes to follow along.

Let’s get started.

6 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. Hi Aaron, months ago I saw on You Tube an interview in which you explained how to keep a daily journal and other ideas behind it. I found similar post on Asian Efficiency website but I can’t find the interview anymore. Do you have any ideas what I am talking about and how I can find it? Thanks in advance.


    1. It’s possible that they’ve taken it down if it was part of a promotion that was running at the time. I just took a quick look at the public Asian Efficiency channel and can’t find anything on journalling in there.


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