Checking App Usage in iOS

I recently discovered an easy way to check how much time you are spending using an individual app in iOS.

Simply go to Settings > Battery, and scroll down to the Battery Usage section.

Select Last 7 Days and tap on the clock icon. Like this:

This is not my app usage.

This will show you how much battery each app has used in the last 7 days – and it will also show you how many hours ON SCREEN you have used each app.

If you divide this by 7, you can take this fairly authoritatively as how much you’re using each app on a daily basis.

The obvious use for this is as per the screens above: figure out how much you’re using attention-stealing apps like Facebook and Instagram, and cut down on them.

My personal preference is to remove such apps completely, and install Messenger/Adverts/Pages instead, but I realise not everyone is that hardcore 🙂

Tip: iOS will also show you how much time on-screen you spend using your Home and Lock Screen. The “on screen” time for this refers to the sum of every time you press the home button or power button to check the time or incoming notifications on your phone.

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